Fostering truly makes a difference.

All animals will have different needs. Some will need a quiet home for medical reasons. Some will need help with manners and basic obedience and some just need a couch to crash on. You can choose what foster home you want to be.

If we had more people willing to open up their home to dogs in need, we could save more. In the end, it is never easy to say "goodbye" to a foster baby, but seeing them in their forever homes it all worthwhile. And there's always another one waiting to be saved!

Trust we'll match you with a good foster-fit

  • When you sign up to foster, we will match you with a dog that has a compatible temperament, size, and age.

  • This is a real photo of one of our foster dogs snuggling with the foster family's forever dog, Penny!

The benefits of fostering

  • Have an animal companion without the lifetime commitment.

  • Help an animal recover from an illness/injury, with medical expenses covered

  • Foster homes help animals transition from the stress of living at the shelter.

  • You get to save a life!

Responsibilities of a foster parent

Basic needs

Provide a safe, clean, and caring environment with food, water, toys, and shelter.


Monitor for physical and mental well-being. Provide exercise, training, and socialization.


Provide comfort and patience while your foster decompresses and gets ready for adoption.