We're all volunteers!

Shore Saves is run exclusively by volunteers and we all LOVE working with animals. Visit the "About Shore Saves" page to learn more about our team.

We are always in need of help running our shelter, working with animals, fundraising, and more! There are so many things you can do to help us save more dogs.

Please fill out the application below and we will reach out to you to discuss orientation and opportunities.

Volunteering at Shore Saves 

The more volunteers we have at our facility, the more dogs we can rescue from NJ's overcrowded shelters. We have two shifts daily: AM (8-10) and PM (5-7). Read on for more information on how we staff each shift and what responsibilities are a part of each shift. Volunteers who work kennel shifts must be 18+, but there are plenty of other ways for those younger than 18 to volunteer with us! Contact us to learn more. 


First things first, we'll get you signed up for orientation! We'll have you meet an experienced volunteer to sign some onboarding paperwork and familiarize volunteers with our policies, procedures, and animal handling best practices. This involves learning about dog body language, proper leash handling, and safety protocols.


We understand that sticking to the same shift week after week can be monotonous and inflexible for our volunteers. That's why we've opted for a rolling schedule that changes every two weeks. We announce the schedule on Slack which is where we keep in touch about all things Shore Saves. The rolling schedule allows you to choose time slots that work best for you every two weeks, making volunteering easier to fit into your busy life.


To gear up, we recommend volunteers wear comfortable, waterproof shoes suitable for walking on various surfaces, weather-appropriate clothing, and bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. We provide everything you'll need to take care of the dogs and often have delicious snacks provided by other volunteers in the kitchen, like coffee for our AM shift.

Walking Shifts

Try to arrive a few minutes before your shift starts to sign in and get settled. Your shift lead will introduce you to each dog by providing information about their personality and any special needs they might have. Depending on your experience, your lead will either give you an autonomous task or ask you to buddy up with one of the more experienced volunteers until you're comfortable being on your own. 

You'll learn how to take dogs out of the kennels safely, leash them up, and where to go for a stroll through our designated walking areas. There's also a play yard where the dogs can get their zoomies out! Always be prepared to clean up after your canine companion. We provide waste bags and disposal bins plus treats to reward them for going to the bathroom outside. 

After your walk, you'll likely bring the dog into a designated living room with couches to get in some much-needed cuddles. Your shift lead will ask you for feedback on the dog's behavior during the walk. 

You'll likely take turns cleaning on each shift. Our volunteers are good about dividing up cleaning responsibilities so everyone gets equal quality time with the dogs. You'll receive training from our experienced volunteers on how to clean the kennels and living spaces. 

Other Ways to Volunteer 

Walking shifts are just one of the ways you can volunteer with Shore Saves. We have some volunteers who come to the shelter just to help with administrative tasks like organizing donations and cleaning the living areas. We also have remote volunteers who aren't able to physically volunteer at the shelter, but they help from afar, like by helping us organize events. 

No matter which way to volunteer sounds interesting to you, complete the form below and a volunteer will be in touch to tell you more about Shore Saves.